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The Great Conjunction of Planets culminated on the winter solstice on December 21, 2020 for a rare once-in-a-lifetime event as gas giants Jupiter and Saturn came together as the Christmas Star. The last time an event like this was visible was nearly 800 years ago. The fact that this rare alignment of what will look like the brightest star in the sky is occurring on the darkest and longest night of the year is a rare coincidence. 

The nights leading up to the winter solstice were cloudy, but lucky enough after a night of hurricane force winds gusting up to 80mph, the skies cleared for a perfectly clear (albeit windy) evening. I watched the conjunction move across the southwestern sky and the moment it fully set behind the mountain a bright fireball shot across the sky. I dint get a photograph of that of course, but it was a memorable evening I will not forget.

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