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The northern lights and aurora borealis were shining bright in southeast Wyoming outside of Laramie this night during one of the strongest geomagnetic storms in 20 years. It was perfect conditions with no moon, no clouds, and not even any wind! The skies were dark and the northern lights were dancing, pulsing, and changing in a spectacular and rare light show of blue, green, and purple colors this far south. An experience I will not forget watching the lights in Medicine Bow National Forest in the mountains..

Seneca Creek Studios is a professional fine art Western, Rocky Mountains and Wyoming nature and landscape photography, portrait, and design studio based outside Laramie, Wyoming by owner and artist Allison Pluda. Learn more about our story, prints, portraits, marketing, or design services on our website SenecaCreekStudios.com or contact us with any questions, for additional print, framing, and sizing options, or to design a custom wall print series.

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