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11x14 Metal Print. Small bend in one corner.

The red Indian paintbrush wildflowers and lush green sagebrush scrub are iconic to the Rocky Mountains and Western landscape. This beautiful bunch is from the high plains of Wyoming on the open prairie and bloomed after a few days of spring rain. The Indian Paintbrush was designated the official state flower of Wyoming in 1970. It is found on rocky slopes in the high desert, arid plains, open grasslands, and forest clearings across the West. The Indian paintbrush is also sometimes called prairie fire. This unique flower is a hemi-parasite or a root parasite which means it puts it's tubes or 'haustoria' into the roots of a host plant to survive. This is why they are so frequently found together with sagebrush since they need they need another host plant in order to live.


Special Scratch and Dent Inventory Sale

After 15 years ins business this year we are having our first ever online clearance Scratch & Dent inventory sale! Featuring a limited selection of our signature metal wall art prints, ready-to-frame archival matted photographic prints, and professionally framed prints at a drastically reduced price.

The discounted art at our Scratch & Dent Sale is not cheap in quality, but simply inexpensive in price. Artwork is is in good conditional overall but is discounted because it has sustained minor damage from transport or storage to art shows or in transit to or from a customer. 

Artwork in the sale still make great display editions and are offered with a considerable discount from regular retail prices.

Flaws in our metal prints may include small chips along the edges, minor scratches, or dings in the mounting hardware that are not visible when hung on the wall.  There is no structural damage to the artwork, missing mountain hardware, or cracks in the metal. 

Flaws in our matted prints may include small dings in the surface or edges of matting. There are no major creases in the photographic prints or structural damage to the artwork. 

There will be a limited quantity of our clearance artwork. The sale will continue only while supplies last, so make sure to get your artwork quick!

The photos of the artwork are the standard product photos, NOT a photo of the actual discounted artwork. The logistics involved in photographing, documenting and listing every scratch & dent piece are too great, however each piece has passed our inspection and will meet the criteria outlined above.

Scratch & Dent items are sold as-is and are not eligible for returns or exchanges. All sales are final.

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